Commercial and Residential Services

Banyard Electrical are the trusted South Of The River Electrical Provider.


anyard Electrical offer a full suite of residential and commercial electrical services from South Perth, all the way to Fremantle. Based in the City of Melville, we have over 16 years of experience in the electrical trade, meaning that there is no challenge too big or too small for us.

We also offer project management services for smaller commercial projects. To find out more, scroll below and view our list of services, we can guarantee that we have the solution for your electrical needs.

LED downlights

Whether it is residential or commercial, Banyard electrical in Melville can design, install and repair your LED lighting systems. We can advise you on exactly the right systems to use to maintain your levels of illuminations while cutting back on your power bills. We service South Perth, all the way to Fremantle, so get in touch with us for your LED services.


Have you considered putting a timer on your Solar Hot Water system Booster? With cost of power going up constantly, it is a great way to limit your power usage! If you want to make your hot water even more efficient that ever before, save time and cost by giving Banyard Electrical a call!

Outdoor lighting

Want to enjoy a night outdoors with friends and family in your own backyard? Get piece of mind knowing that your outdoor area was installed with the correct lighting safely, by the South of Perth’s most qualified electricians. We can help your outdoor area shine with a wide range of new LED lighting systems including design, install and repair. From South Perth, to Melville, to Fremantle, we have you covered.

Sensor/security lights

Banyard Electrical are experts in installing sensor and security lights to your properties front or backyard. All of our solutions are backed by our expert guarantee. We can upgrade your current system, or install a brand new one. Placing your security light is done strategically to ensure maximum effectiveness, all of our solutions are completely weatherproof too.

IXLs (Bathroom Heat light)

When you walk out of the shower in the middle of winter, the last thing you want to do is lose that warm toasty feeling. Based in Melville, our expert electricians here at will make sure that your bathroom heating lights are installed and maintained perfectly, so you can enjoy that toasty feeling all year round.

Power points

Banyard electrical will safely, and quickly install new power points to all areas of your new or existing home. Internal walls, external walls, or weather proof outlets outside, our licensed and qualified electricians south of the river in Perth will provide the right solution for you. We even issue a safety certificate after installation to ensure your piece of mind.

T.V. points

When you need a new TV point in your house for a bedroom, your man cave, the shed, or even your backyard entertainment area, Banyard electrical can install NBN ready points safely and effectively. Add value to your property and get the TV you want, when you want it effectively by hiring out electrical services south of the river today.

Data/Phone points

Banyard Electrical can carry out all maintenance on phone and data cabling systems and install data and phone points in existing and new homes and offices. We can liaise with clients on the best possible system to use, whether it is separate phone and data systems or a combined system that enables users to change points from phone to data or vice versa without the need to install more points. We are 100% NBN ready.

Dimmer switches

Looking for the right lighting ambience and atmosphere in your rooms, kitchens or outdoor areas? Need your office pantry to have the best lighting for corporate lunches and meetings? Call Banyard Electrical for our fully licensed and qualified electricians to install a wide range of solutions at your home or office in Melville, South Perth, Como, Fremantle, Cockburn or any surrounding areas.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are still to this day one of the cheapest ways to cool your indoor and outdoor areas. We can liaise with suppliers to make sure we get the right fit for your home. So whether you require a remote control, a light added, or any customisable option, we will work with you to beat the heat and help the ventilation in your property from South Perth, to Fremantle!


Safety Switches are an important piece of electrical safety equipment. Any lighting or general power must be protected by a safety switch (RCD). It is recommended that each RCD is tested by pushing the test button on the unit each month. For new RCD installations including repairs and testing, call one of our expert electricians today.

Smoke alarms

Smoke alarms save lives, are yours compliant? Smoke alarms must be FISA approved and hard wired unless you live in a multi complex, in which case, an approved lithium battery model may be used. They are a requirement if you sell or rent your property, and should be changed every ten years. Smoke alarms contain a backup battery, which should be changed on the first of April each year. Call Banyard electrical to get your smoke alarms installed and working.

Switchboard upgrades

Banyard Electrical are ready to assist with your electrical switchboard installation or switchboard upgrade in all commercial and domestic premises. Old switchboards with rewire-able fuses have a significantly higher risk of electrical fire, and provide a much lower degree of protection against people suffering an electric shock. Keep your family safe from South Perth to Fremantle and call us today.


The main reason why a house needs to be rewired is because it has old wiring that has deteriorated over time, presenting a serious risk to the homes residents. If you’re not sure how your home is wired and you would like to find out, or get your home re-wired, please call us today if you live south of the river in Perth, and let us help you achieve high safety standards in your home.


Home renovations can be frustrating and expensive if not planned correctly. Banyard Electrical provide the most up to date and innovative electrical solutions when re-doing your home to improve your energy efficiency and cost efficiency. We can look at the parameters of your new renovation design and suggest the most suited fit-out.

Electrical Fault Finding

Banyard Electrical love to troubleshoot the minor causes that can fall right under our noses when trying to detect electrical faults. We take a systematic approach to fault finding, drawing on our years of developing a solid knowledge-base in circuits and other electrical services. So if you’re in Melville, South Perth, Como or Fremantle and can’t detect your electrical bug, give us a call today!